If you choose to use Creasis Shop it will mean that you understand and accept the complimentary integrity in accordance with our following terms, contracts, agreements and policies:


Unless specifically stated otherwise in the product description, our products are legally considered as spare parts. In addition to not having a fully protected housing, the manual skills of the engineer during the assembly and development process, the possibility of being charged with static electricity, they are very prone to error by the user, as they are offered for sale in the form of open circuits or with connections that are prone to contact, and therefore our products are only guaranteed for the first operation.

Since probes and sensors are likely to be exposed to external factors and damaged in the environment in which they are used, they are not accepted for return under warranty. In order to minimize user errors, it is very important not to use and assemble the products without reading the data sheets very carefully.

The details of the products sold throughout our site may contain lifetime information. The lifetime of the products is not a warranty period.


You can return your order to “Büyükdere Caddesi Meydan Sokak 3/43 Veko Giz Plaza K:13, Maslak Istanbul” on behalf of “Creasis Çevresel Mekatronik Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi” within 14 days from the day you receive your order from the cargo, together with the invoice printout and the completed form completed by you under the following conditions. In the return processes, the shipping cost of the products you send by the relevant cargo company belongs to you. Promotional and campaign products of the product you will return, which are given as a gift, must also be returned at the same time and the associated gift vouchers, if any, will also be canceled. When you want to make a return, please notify e-mail address in order not to interrupt your transactions.

Important: If the invoice of the product you are returning is issued on behalf of a business entity, you must send it together with the return invoice to be issued by the institution when returning. The return invoice must be issued without including the shipping share (product unit price + VAT).

Return Conditions

The right of withdrawal cannot be used for products that cannot be returned due to their nature, goods whose price is determined in the stock exchange or other organized markets, goods prepared in accordance with the wishes of the consumer or clearly in line with his personal needs, periodicals, goods that deteriorate quickly or are likely to expire.

In order to exercise the right of withdrawal for packaged products, the packaging of the product must be unopened, intact and the product must not be used. Returns of products sent back without the original packaging will not be accepted.

Damaged Product

We especially recommend that you check your product when you receive it and determine whether there is any damage or packaging deformation that you can notice on the product in the presence of the cargo officer. If you make a determination at this stage, we kindly ask you to have the cargo officer prepare a “Damage Assessment Report” and send it back with the same cargo without accepting the product. If the product you receive is “damaged” or the packaging is “deformed”, a “Damage Assessment Report” is required for this. Otherwise, the “damage notification” you will make for your product will not be accepted.

When Creasis is notified by the cargo that the product is damaged; the return procedures of the product will be initiated and a “refund” will be made in the value of the product amount.

Defective / Broken Product

All our products are guaranteed for the first operation. If you experience a malfunction problem during the first operation of your product, return/repair etc. within the scope of warranty. The procedures and processes for return/repair etc. within the scope of warranty are stated below:

  • First of all, thoroughly review the technical documents provided by the manufacturer on the sales page of the relevant product. Since the brands we carry are used in international markets, there are many application videos, blogs and publications containing know-how in the world. Find the problem you are experiencing from these sources and try the solution suggestions.
  • If you cannot find a solution, you must notify us that the product is defective / defective by e-mailing within 14 days after delivery.
  • You should print out the invoice of the product you think is defective/broken and the Defective Product Form, which you can access by clicking here.
  • You must fill in the Return Section on the invoice printout and the Defective Product Acceptance Form completely and send it to us together with the product you think is defective/broken. You can send it to the address below, again with the cargo companies stated below, by specifying the agreement number opposite them and sending it with the buyer’s payment:

Creasis Environmental Mechatronics Industry and Trade Limited Company
Büyükdere Cad. Meydan Sok. 3/43
Veko Giz Plaza K:13, Maslak Istanbul Turkey
Yurtici Cargo: 202433360 (domestic only)

  • After the defective/defective product you have sent by cargo is received by Creasis, its packaging and accessories are checked and forwarded to our Technical Support team for examination.
  • Tests and inspections by the technical team will take a maximum of 15 days.
  • You will be contacted by e-mail for information during the fault detection. If we cannot reach you within 3 business days, your product will be put on hold for 30 days without continuing technical work and no action will be taken on the device.
  • If a problematic product condition is detected as you specify as a result of tests and inspections, the product will either be replaced with a new one, or the “product cost” will be refunded to you within 3 business days. All shipping costs in this case will be covered by Creasis.
  • If the malfunction/defect caused by user error in the products under warranty is determined as “user error” (dropping, liquid contact, etc.), product replacement and refund are not made. In such cases, all shipping costs are covered by the customer.
  • If no problem is detected in your product as specified, we will notify the customer via e-mail about the operation of the product and send the product back to the customer. In this case, all shipping costs are covered by the customer.
  • As a result of technical tests, you will be notified by e-mail about the latest status of the product. According to the result, delivery information is requested for the product to be exchanged or determined to be problem-free and the tracking number for cargo shipments is sent to you.
  • Products that are not received within 3 business days or whose current delivery address is not provided are put on hold for 30 days and no action is taken regarding the product. Our company is not responsible for products not received within the 30-day waiting period.
  • For products with memory, our company cannot be held responsible for the lack of backups in your system and data loss that may occur after the operations to be performed on the device.
  • Our service does not install any pirated, copied and unlicensed software. Our service cannot be held responsible for such pre-installed software.

Missing Product Items

  • The invoices we prepare for your orders are sent to you via e-mail as e-archive or e-invoice. The invoice associated with the product package is used for dispatch purposes.
  • In case of missing products, we kindly ask you to check the invoice you received and the products in the delivered package. Partial delivery (sending the products in the same order by packaging them separately) may also have been made in your order. You can check the shipping dates and product status of your orders on the “Order Tracking” page.
  • If you have determined that you have been sent a missing product after your checks, you must notify us via e-mail to within 14 days after the delivery has taken place as “My order was sent incomplete”, the missing product will be sent to your address within 10 business days by free shipping.
  • If you have determined that any part of a product you have purchased is missing after your checks, you must notify us via e-mail to as “Product Accessory Missingwithin 14 days after delivery, the missing part will be requested from the manufacturer and sent to your address within 10 business days by free shipping.

Wrong Product

  • If the product you ordered / the product written on your invoice and the product delivered are not the same, you must notify within 14 days after delivery, stating “Wrong Product Delivery“.
  • After your application, you can send the wrong product back to us without paying the shipping fee with the “cargo shipping code” we will send you.
  • After the product is received by Creasis, its packaging and accessories are checked by the supplier company and logistics for inspection. If no deterioration is detected in the product / packaging, the correct product will be sent to your address free of charge.
  • If no defect can be detected in the product during the examination of the product, you can be informed and the product can be returned.